Learn To Play Guitar In Andover, NJ 

At G4 Guitar Andover we are now taking new student enrollments. You can learn at our studio or online. G4 Guitar lessons are based on a uniquely structured method developed over a 30+ year span.

  • Suitable for ages 4 years to adults.
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate players.
  • Enrolling now!

To inquire about lessons you can fill in the form or call us on 973 417 9885.

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Why learn with G4 Guitar Andover?

G4 Guitar was founded in 2005 by David Hart. David has been teaching guitar and developing teaching methods since the 1980's. When you learn with G4 Guitar you will be receiving expert tuition using a method based on over 30 years of research.

How long does it take to learn?

Everyone is different in terms of how quickly they progress but as a rough idea, it takes about 2 years to reach a level where you can comfortably play a good number of songs. It of course takes much longer to master the guitar. When you learn with G4 Guitar you will generally progress faster because we focus on essential skill development.

About Chris Gatto

Chris Gatto began playing guitar as a teenager and has been a passionate musician ever since. Chris joined G4 GUITAR in 2014 because of his love for guitar and teaching. He has helped hundreds of people learn to play guitar. If you are looking for an experienced, friendly, professional teacher with a proven method Chris is your man.

Where are we located?

Address: Andover, NJ United States

Phone: 973 417 9885

"What our students are saying"

Janiel Fusco

Hardyston, NJ

My son, Anthony, is 6 and expressed he wanted to play the guitar. Honestly my decision to go with Chris/G4 is because I had a coupon and I figured if my son didn't like it, it wouldn't be such a loss. My son looks forward to going to his lessons every week. He is really enjoying learning how to play the guitar. Chris is great. He is very knowledgeable and makes the environment fun. We couldn't be happier. Janiel Fusco - Hardyston NJ. United States.

John Coerts

Hardyston, NJ

Chris is an awesome teacher and a skilled guitar player. Our son has been his student for about 1 year now and loves going to his lessons. Chris is patient and presents the skills and concepts in a way the kids can easily understand. He is very positive and encouraging, and makes each lesson fun and enjoyable. I love to sit in on the lessons and see the progress. We highly recommend his program. Price is very reasonable and competitive.- Hardyston NJ. United States.

Joseph Taliercio

Randolph, NJ

My Daughter and I are both receiving lessons from Chris. He has been very professional and fun to work with. This is our first time learning the guitar so it was rather hard and at times frustrating getting the basics understood, however Chris was always upbeat and happy to go over things with us more than once. We are now getting into the more exciting lessons and we are seeing more and more progress every week. I am excited about what I have learned and actually want to practice right when I get in the door from our lessons, even though we don’t get home until at least 9:15 pm.

We were a bit nervous about what it was going to be like, getting lessons from someone we didn’t know, but it has been a real joy working with Chris. I’m glad we took the chance and called about the post card we had received.

Rajesh Vijayan

Hamburg, NJ

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Chris for the past 8 months. He is an excellent guitar instructor, very organized and systematic in his teaching method. The best part about the class is that Chris makes it fun for the kids to learn guitar. My daughter loves going for lessons and looks forward to the class every week.

Rob Owens

Hamburg, NJ

My son takes lessons with Chris. Chris is a skilled guitar player and a great teacher. I sit in on all the lessons and can see all the effort that Chris puts into his lessons. He is very organized, and it is obvious that he spends a lot of time preparing the lesson so that it flows well and is packed with learning. He always has a lesson plan prepared, which means that there is very little down time during the lesson. This helps keep the momentum going (good for kids who are easily distracted). And as the person who is paying for these lessons, it makes me feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth.

Chris primarily focuses on teaching skills, rather than songs. But he is quick to point out which of my son’s favorite songs employ the techniques that he is teaching that day. My son then uses those skills to teach himself songs (or parts of songs) on his own time. The end result is that my son is excited about learning new skills and excited to practice at home.. 


G4 GUITAR Founder & CEO

I have known Chris since 2014 and he is without a doubt one of the most positive people I know. He has a great ability to inspire and excite those around him through his love and passion for teaching guitar. Chris as a father of four understands the parent perspective very well. I highly recommend Chris as a guitar teacher for both children and adults.